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Lakeland Trekking Centre

Lakeland Trekking centre

Limefitt Park



Joanne Smith

It is a brilliant trekking centre which is where you go out for rides on the beautiful fells of Troutbeck. There are lots of different standards .etc. beginner, novice, experienced. It is suitable for all ages as they have heavy weight horses and they carry the adults. It does not have a cafe as it is up in the hills plus the workers are always busy working. There is no disabled access as it has a bumpy road and they do not take out disabled pupils. Luckily it has toilets and also particularly friendly staff. There is a range of prices depending on the distance of the hack out but the least expensive ride is £25.00 which is a 1 hour trekk. The most exensive ride out costs £115 which is a 5 and a half hours which also includes a delicious picnic. You will not need any special equipment as they will lend you a riding hat but you will need to wear suitable foot wear and also so comfy trousers as the saddles might be quite hard!!! I loved going there as the treks are fantastic and the staff are very friendly and give you lots of support when you are riding. I just enjoyed riding up into the hills and seeing some of the most amazing views that you could catch a glimpse of. As it is just 1 minute away from the Troutbeck, Limefitt caravan there are lots of people coming up from there.