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Rydal Water in the Lake District

Macius Rzepczwk

The place I have been to is called Rydal Water. This place
is in Lake District. This place is a good spot for a
rest and a picnic.
First you go through the woods until you reach the bottom of the mountain. Next you go through a very twisty path until you reach a cave which is in the middle of the mountain. The cave is one of my favorite parts of the trip because it is interesting and historical. Next you carry on up a twisty path. This trip is very twisty but it is worth it to go on if you are able and good with heights.
After reaching the top you go down the twisty path and see beautiful views all around. Then you can have a rest at the Lake side and maybe a picnic. Finally you go through the woods and back in to the car park. I really liked my trip
and I will give it top marks!

***** 5 Stars