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Orrest Head

Orrest Head
Orrest Head is on Kendal Road at the top of Windermere

Harry Eccleston

Up Orrest Head there is a great view at the top. There is two ways to get to the top, one that goes through the woods and the small path. It's suitable for all ages except for small babies that are young. Orrest Head doesn't have any shops cafes or toilets but there are benches at the top.

Orrest head is free to walk up which is good if you have a big family. If you are going up Orrest Head it is best to take waterproofs.

I enjoyed my visit to Orrest Head except that we all got soaked. When we4 were at the top it was very windy and we looked at the views of the Lake District. When we got back to school we all wrote a report about the attraction we visited.

**** 4 Stars

Orrest Head, Windermere


At Orrest Head people can go on walks, it is a good place to go for walks. Orrest Head has really nice views to look at and is suitable for most people e.g. people walking their dogs, couples, schools and families. It is not suitable for babies or people with prams because it is a big hill and sometimes there is no path. Orrest head is an outdoor walk and does not have a cafe, shop or toilet. There is no disabled access. It is free to walk up Orrest Head and you do not need special equipment but it is good to wear comfortable clothing. My visit to Orrest Head was good but it was raining, the views were nice. It is best to go to Orrest Head on a nice day.

***** 5 Stars