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Kendal Climbing Wall

Kendal climbing wall.
near Morrison’s in Kendal.



It is very fun and an excellent climb.
There are lots of selections of climbs to do.
There is a toilet and refreshments and they are building a cafe where you can enjoy the scene of climbers.

You can loan equipment or take your own it is £6 pounds for a non member.

***** 5 Stars

Kendal climbing wall is in Kendal.


Reece Hodgson

When I got to Kendal climbing wall I was really scared because I thought I had to go on big walls but I didn't have to.
It was a good job I didn't go on the big walls because it was my first time!
There are toilets up stairs and there are tables to eat your food.
If you want to go on a big wall someone must be watching you.
The prices are below.

Adult Under 18
1-9 people in the group (1 instructor) £7.50 pp £6.50 pp
10-18 people in the group (2 instructors) £7.00 pp £6.00 pp
19-27 people in the group (3 instructors) £6.50 pp £5.50 pp
27+ people in the group (4 instructors) £6.00 pp £5.00 pp

**** 4 Stars