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Cockshot Point -Windermere

Alexandra Olivia Nield

Cockshot is on beautiful Lake Windermere in the Lake District. You can see all the cruise passenger boats go past and other private boats. You can do lots of things such as taking a ride on the cruise passenger boats. Also, if you are here in the summer there is an Air Show on the Glebe which is very close to Cockshott Point and there you will maybe see a Red Arrows Display so you want a good view. If you go down to Cockshott there is a huge patch of grass for you to sit on and have a good view of events!

It is suitable for any age and everyone is welcome!

Cockshot doesn't have any facilities but it is very close to toilets, disabled access parking and lots of gift shops just by the Glebe!

Cockshot doesn't cost anything, it's for free!

There are benches available and thankfully the ice cream van comes every now and then which I always like to buy!

I really enjoyed Cockshott it is a beautiful place within walking distance of Bowness on Windermere. It is situated on the side of the lake and you have access to the Glebe, lovely cafes, shops, boats and everything you need for a great day out.

***** 5 Stars

Cockshot Point

Will Dixon

There is no cost.
You can bike, sail, play games and swim.
There is no age limit and is suitable for everyone.
There are no facilities but there are in Bowness nearby.
Cot shot point is a lovely walk it’s nice and short, full of nature.
You can have a walk then browse in the shops in bowness.
Nearby attractions are Bowness town and Bowness bay. *** 3 Stars